Welcome to the making minds blog site!


I’m Mark Smith, the mind behind ‘making minds’.

I’ve lived with severe depression and anxiety for more than ten years and now want to help others with mental ill health, with art and creativity as the vehicle for that support.

Across this blog and making minds pages on Facebook and Twitter, I aim to begin generating sufficient interest in this idea that will enable it to become a bona fide, fully functioning social enterprise.

I’m looking to work with organisations and individuals, across South Wales, to form a steering group that will help develop the making minds business plan and initial pilot activities. I’m looking to develop bids for funding and contracts on a co-operative basis, to help make the involvement with making minds as fair, open, ethical and inclusive as possible.

I’ve been inspired by a number of organisations, including Core Arts in London, the Arts and Minds Network in Leeds, the Arts and Minds project in Cambridge and Peterborough and Start in Manchester. Outside of the immediate arts / mental health arena, I’ve been inspired by the Big Issue – its ethos, its background and the journey that it’s taken in the last 21 years. If making minds could achieve a small fraction of what the aforementioned organisations have, I would be happy.

At the moment, this is all there is….an idea in my mind, a couple of Word documents and these few social media pages. I don’t class myself as an artist and have never set up a social enterprise before, so I appreciate the challenges ahead. What I do have is a vision, some useful skills and experiences and the passion and determination to make this happen.

Take a look at the ‘about’ section of this site, for more details on the idea and the services it could provide. I’m very much hoping that making minds becomes a reality within two years.

I can’t make it happen on my own, so if you’re reading this and think you can help, or know someone that can, then I’d love to hear from you.


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