The appetite has been whetted

On Monday, I set up this blog, a Facebook page and Twitter feed, in an effort to dip my toe in the water with Making Minds and to start generating interest in the idea. I’m mighty glad I did.

Not only has it served to renew contact with people that had previously expressed an interest in the idea behind Making Minds, but it’s also attracted some new people as well. 

On Tuesday, I attended an Open Day at the new offices of New Horizons in Aberdare. At that event, I met volunteers and members that were involved in a variety of creative activities, including music, painting, poetry, jewellery making and woodwork. I was encouraged by their desire to do more and take their activities to the next level. Time and money appear to be the only barriers to them achieving their aims. I also met a trustee of the organisation who encouraged me to follow the ‘signs’ that I’d experienced in recent months, telling me to pursue the Making Minds idea.

Wednesday led to a phone call with someone that wanted to lend their support to the cause and get involved in collaborative funding bids, as they felt their work and ethos matched that of Making Minds. I hope to have many more conversations like that in the coming weeks, months and years.

It felt good to be having that conversation on World Mental Health Day. I’ve never known a day where so many people appeared to be having so many conversations about mental health. I truly hope that is a sign of the tide beginning to turn and the topic of mental health becoming a more socially acceptable one. I hope Making Minds is at a point where it will be able to host or support an event for next year’s World Mental Health Day.

Yesterday provided something to look forward to for next week. My friends at Journeys will be hosting an exhibition as part of the Made in Roath 2012 festival. Local artists Sara Annwyl and Julia Thomas will be taking their ATTIC project to the Journeys office on Albany Road, Cardiff. ATTIC will examine the links between emotional and mental stability and art.

So, the word is out there……the call is out there. If you would like to get involved in Making Minds and taking it from its basic concept and online presence, to developing it as a fully functioning social enterprise, I would be very pleased to hear from you. In the meantime, I hope you all have a great weekend.


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