Making Minds Summer Meeting notes

Making Minds Summer Meeting
St Catherine’s Church, Pontypridd

Many thanks to Ellie Byrne for taking notes at this meeting.

1. Background to Making Minds – Mark
• See for more comprehensive information;
• Making Minds has four key strands of work:
o Arts-based services;
o Network of individuals and organisations;
o Events and ‘experiences’;
o Supporting artists with their mental health.

2. Since the last meeting
• Mark has met with a number of arts organisations and individuals across the UK;
• Making Minds has been invited to contribute to:
o Merthyr Tydfil’s World Mental Health Day event – October 2013
o Cardiff MIND fundraising gig – details tbc
o Craft of Hearts Summer event – 18th August 2013

There is potential for involvement in an event at a hospital in the RCT area, on World Mental Health Day itself and supporting a mental health-themed play, to be held in South Wales in October.

• Also Mark suggested that we hold our own event in early 2014, a half-day conference to further identify a ‘place’ for Making Minds within the current policy and practice context in Wales;
• Several funding sources have been identified including Big Lottery, People’s Postcode, Coalfields and Time to Change Wales;
• It was identified that becoming a CIC (Community Interest Company) may be the best way forward for Making Minds;
• The Constitution has been developed further;
• Marketing through a newsletter was suggested by Maggie who has been working with Bill Cummings. This would be self-funded through advertising and would be distributed through NHS settings and other health and community settings;

3. Next steps and help required
• Constitution of Making Minds: volunteers to sit on the Management Committee are needed. Nominations have been received for the positions of Chair and Secretary, but the other positions such as Treasurer are still vacant and nominations (including self-nominations) are needed;
• Help with pilot projects is needed: planning and delivering for the events mentioned above, volunteers and paid facilitators for consultation / creative workshops / performances;
• Discussion is needed on potential conflicts of interests for people who are sitting on the Management Committee but who also want to be delivery partners;
• Advertising contacts for the newsletter are needed – somebody suggested Claire Gore at New Horizons;
• Feedback from events people go to; e.g. Ellie went to the Culture, Health and Wellbeing Conference and fed back some relevant points to Mark. Ellie agreed to write a blog post on evaluation.

4. Guest speakers
• James McMahon
o James is Development Manager for Mental Health Services in at Cwm Taf Local Health Board. He talked about the Mental Health (Wales) Measure 2010, a new piece of legislation. See for full details. Briefly, there are four parts to the Measure:
. Primary Care Services: this attempts to consolidate and standardise services across Wales by making it a statutory obligation to provide Primary Care services. This consists of 5 steps:
1. Assessment
2. Intervention
3. Referral
4. Information for patients and carers
5. Information for GPs
. Secondary Care Services: this requires that everybody in secondary care should have a ‘care and treatment plan’ based on a national template. Making Minds could become involved in the training process for people who complete the care plans. Patients are already involved.
. Patients can question their care and treatment plans
. Independent Mental Health Advocacy: creative methods are already being used for this, e.g. talking mats, flashcards.
o James highlighted that the Valleys area of Wales has some of the highest rates of prescribed medication for mental illness in the UK. There is a public health implication as a result of this and a preventive approach is needed as current services are overwhelmed with referrals. There is currently a £1.5m investment in voluntary sector services which promote wellbeing and socialisation. These are being reviewed so there is an opportunity for Making Minds to be commissioned in the future.

• Anne Williams
o Anne talked about Time to Change Wales, which is a partnership between Hafal, Gofal and MIND Cymru;
o The aim of Time to Change Wales is to address stigma and discrimination, which Anne felt are indistinguishable;
o Telling stories is an important part of the work that Time to Change Wales does, as this dispels myths surrounding mental illness, provides good information and presents a ‘face’ of mental health / illness that challenges stereotypes of what a person with mental illness looks like.

• Jade and Carys
o Jade and Carys work at Spectacle Theatre and talked about their upcoming production ‘It’s the Jennifer Vyle Show: It’s Totally Mental…aren’t we all?’
o The trailer can be viewed at
o 2014 is Spectacle’s mental health year;
o They are also looking at the effect of creativity on people with particular conditions;

• Sara Wentworth and Mike Hotson
o Sara and Mike run Arts 4 Wellbeing, a training provider and founders of the Lifepath Programme. This is a 10-week intervention which uses creative group processes to help people find their ‘authentic selves’; A video of this work can be found at
o Arts 4 Wellbeing can also be found on Facebook.

The next Making Minds meeting will be of the Management Committee and will finalise the Constitution and elect the remaining members of the Governing Body.

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