Making Minds is a community organisation, based in Wales, that promotes the role of art and creativity in mental health.

There are currently four strands of work that we’re developing:

1. To develop arts-based services in the community, in partnership with Local Health Boards, Local Authorities, voluntary sector organisations, and others, that support mental health and wellbeing, tackle mental health stigma and discrimination and provide opportunities for learning and socialising.

2. To develop a network of organisations and individuals that are involved / interested in arts and creativity as it relates to mental health, for the purpose of sharing best practice, sharing resources, fostering joint working practices including applications for funding and public sector contracts, influencing policy and practice.

3. Organising events and ‘experiences’ that will see art and creativity act as a platform for artists and mental health, facilitating discussions that will help tackle the stigma and discrimination that surrounds mental illness, as well as increasing awareness and understanding of various mental health problems.

4. Developing a ‘one stop shop’ that will support artists of all types who are affected by mental ill health. This could offer individuals with a menu of options that could include mental health support, business support and support to network within their field of interest.

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